I had a nightmare last night. I never had a dream before where the entire surrounding was so dark. All I could see where skeletal demons flying around, flying towards me. One good thing was that I had friends around me. Friends who were strong and protective. I was shaking like an aspen leaf. The moment I woke up, I was still shaking. Not because it was cold, but because I was so fucking terrified. But something makes me want to go back to that black hole. Those flying creatures wanted to tell me something, but I refused to listen. There was another demon which was looking for me in the water. It was my ex. But I had friends around me who hid me behind their backs. And he carried on swimming without noticing me. I felt relieved.
I cannot explain these dreams right now, I’m feeling way too neurotic for that. Too tired and emotionally exhausted. I don’t have a reason for anything I do at the moment. I’m trying to think, but each thought just explodes without a specific purpose. I’m unable to listen to you, as if I have locked myself up from the outside. Now where are the damn fucking keys! I lost them.

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