At a hotel lobby in London (3rd Apr 09)

It’s evening and I’m going to have a night in. Two days of walking around London without a proper plan, except getting a DVD and tea bags. Of course, I bought presents as well, but overall I didn’t spend as much money as I thought I would. That’s it as a holiday. Now I have to save and earn and then pay my dad the money back. It’s going to be hard to save, as NIN is playing in Berlin and there’s no way of me missing it. I will regret it if I don’t go. It’s supposed to be their last tour for the next…five or six years? I could do with some friends around right now. Either that or what Jack Kerouac did. Being alone is a good way of calming down. I wonder whether I will be able to live in London. Blow your nose after a day in Central London and you’ll see how black it all is.
I was hoping Terminator Salvation was already running in the English cinemas. I’d have gone tonight I think. English TV can’t stop showing Friends just like the Germans can’t stop showing The Simpsons. All so boring.
It’s so uncomfy sleeping in a double bed. It’s hard to make it all your own. Besides, I find 4 pillows are totally ridiculous.
I still find it hard to fall asleep. It might be because I’m in a bed that is not my own.
There’s nothing in my brain at the moment. I’m all empty as I can get. Just looking forward to next weekend. I’m just sick of what I’m doing. Guess I’m not happy anywhere. Way too shy to go to a restaurant or pub on my own. I should’ve bought those instant noodles.

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