Right now I’m feeling as sober as the evening in Helsinki last summer after having smoked weed for the first time. That was a nice experience. Weed gets you to like things that you don’t usually like. You look at all the negative aspects in your life and suddenly see the fun part within the negative countenances. I think that’s the way The Comedian is. After a while of thinking I realised that he can be a person to look up to. Because after all he is just a lonely fighter that no one understands. And the admirable thing is he doesn’t care.

I haven’t touched weed again since last summer. Why? The opportunity never occurred again since then. Besides the aftereffect isn’t necessarily pleasant for certain people. In my first sentence I was talking about soberness. The aftereffect of weed is unlimited soberness. You begin to wonder why you are able to deal with 100 thoughts at once all of a sudden. Your mind is caught in the webs of melancholy and your eyes will stare at the first object it sees. If it’s a stone you’ll begin to freeze. If it’s a withered flower you’ll see a dead Ophelia. These truths are inevitable!

I cannot forgive people who drink in order to keep their eyes shut from these imageries. They deserve to be blind and get paralyzed by nightmares. There is no moment that is more worthy than the moment of soberness. You can face the demon right here and now. A clear mind is what a buddhist aims for after all. And I feel like a buddhist right now, but without the need of meditation. Sometimes soberness itself can cause a mini epiphany.

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