This year’s February isn’t taking a good start at all. I didn’t even notice that January had already packed its bags and left. No kiss goodbye – nothing. Have you ever experienced anything as rude as that? Well, so far, February has robbed money out of my purse, given me no flowers on Valentine’s (as usual) and instead is has set the tiger on me. My Chinese horoscope says that I need to keep focused on my plans, because the tiger is an inconsiderate bastard. I’d noticed weeks ago already when the ox had simply pissed off. What a chicken.

Oh solitude where are you when I need you the most? Why do I have to talk so much? Sometimes I feel that all the customers can sense this stress within me; this impatience indicating that I want to escape, because I don’t give a shit about them.

I watched The Painted Veil the other day and it really does justify my point of view. If a man hurts you, you leave him. If you hurt your man and he forgives you, then he is the one. I am in love, but I am not sure whether I’m just fooling around with myself. I know that person feels exactly the same as I do. There is only one thing that stands between us.

I am mentally on a journey. I always have been. And he’s still sailing the seven seas of my imagination.

Sunshine and a lot of salt.

I, I, I….

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