Good will hunt you

I’ve decided that when I read a foreign book, I will read it in English, too, instead of in German. I hate reading German so much lately (except for Martin Suter). German sentences are twice as long as necessary. It was a pain in the arse reading The Alchemist a few weeks ago. First, it sounded like such a wonderful story, but I almost fell asleep in the library. I’ve sort of lost patience with language that is too formal. Ian McEwan is an exception and all the writers from the early 19th hundred. Unfortunately, reading is no fun after work, because after work reading has the effect of a sleeping pill.  It helps you to calm down and once you’re calm, you just want to rest your eyes and mind. That’s terrible. There’s so much to do!

Besides I’ve changed my mind sort of. I didn’t like The Alchemist that much. I’d rather have Coelho tell me something that I didn’t know already. And honestly, I didn’t really buy much of his point of view. It’s similar to all those books about the search for luck. It’s always about luck. I picked up a book by Dalai Lama – “We aspire for luck…” I simply don’t buy that anymore. All of them seem to be talking about positive thinking – come on, people! The good sides of you aren’t all of you. If you want your good sides to emerge you first need to awaken the worst in you (try love or hate or both). Your life is about getting to know yourself. And of course, you need “people” to poke at you. Then, all you have to do is react. That’s life to me anyways. It’s not about being good. Nothing is good. Anything that can change isn’t good.
Stop making me sick with all this crap.

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