Blasphemous Rumours

I had a terrible nightmare in which men and women got killed or to be more specific – slaughtered. The murderers used weapons which don’t even yet exist.  Or maybe they do and I just don’t know. Those were big cast iron tubes with a handle on the one end and God knows what was in the other.  I call it the “evil” end. You just place the evil end on one’s stomach and the tube would dig a deep hole, shoot or slice that person open. There was a woman to be sentenced to death. She was naked and they placed the tube on her vagina. Her lower stomach was all bloody. Before she died, she tongue-kissed the person next to her, whoever that was, as though enjoying it. Basically everyone was sentenced to death, but there was something special about that woman, because she reminded me of this fictional character that I created three years ago.

After that dream I woke up in the middle of the night and scribbled something onto paper:
“I: This is the dream of…
He I don’t come here often”

Hell knows what that means. I don’t even remember talking to anyone in that dream. And I don’t quite remember writing it. I only remember going to bed angry and listening to Blasphemous Rumours on repeat.

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