Even though I said to myself that I would only sleep 7 hours max, I know it’s not going to work when being ill with a terrible headache caused by fake smiles, simulated enthusiasm and Heaney’s Finders Keepers about old lame poetry before bedtime. So those 11 hours of sleep last night felt indeed good, although I almost did have eleven hours of nightmares. I can’t exactly remember how it began, but according to the Inception movie, no one knows. I only remember being in some kind of a Chinese Street Market with my cousin and my aunt. I got all excited when seeing Jacky Chan working in a soup shop and said to my cousin that I had to get a picture with him! She started to look very grim as if indicating that I really shouldn’t. “I feel something bad coming upon us if we approach him.” “Bullshit”, I said. The moment I got close to him, there was a bunch of armed men with knives, swords and other sharp weapons. We started to run for our lives, but suddenly my cousin had disappeared as if she had only been a guardian angel to warn me. My aunt and I reached an empty park and the moment I knew we weren’t safe, a man jumped out of the bushes and stabbed her. I think I had forced myself to open my eyes several times, but every time I fell back to sleep, I was right there again. There lay my aunt and I could do was running for my own life. I saw a white building which looked pretty much like a hospital. As soon as I entered, I was wearing a white patient’s gown with a knife in my hand. Doctors and nurses were staring at me with dread, gesturing with their hands to indicate I should let go off of the knife. Liev Schreiber appeared, looking like he was my psychiatrist. “What are you doing?” I felt so endangered that I grabbed for some patient’s throat and threatened to kill him. I did cut him slightly and I think I would have actually killed him if it hadn’t been someone jumping me from behind.
There was a little love story behind that, too, but I cannot remember.
So. Evaluate.

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