The act of dissonance

I have been thinking a lot about Aesop’s fox and the grapes lately. Isn’t it fascinating that this simple story, explains the most complicated type of psychology? My current cognitive dissonance has been robbing my sleep, stealing my appetite and is gradually pulling me towards negligence. The apple surely tastes good, but what is it that I’ve done to deserve this tasty apple, that it even wants to be eaten by me?

On the other hand, isn’t it this dissonance which ultimately makes us feel alive and encourages us to find solutions and create new ideas? Is it a way to teach us that, no matter what, we won’t ever get what we want that easily?

Four question marks within 110 words. Tell me if this is good or bad.

I can smell burn.

Dissonance comes with spikes which cause dizziness and head ache. Dissonance always comes with a declaration of war. In my case, it’s a war between courage and cowardice.

Today is truce. The battle is nowhere close to a resolution. The combination of all those different musical notes in my head still sounds terrible together. I’m not sure if I’m in the mood to fix this tonight. Cowardice goes to war! How ironic…

It’s always easy to blame others who have added a dissonant tone to your life. Ever thought that it might be your fault for letting them?

I know, sometimes a dissonant tone is irresistible.

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