Psychology Test

This is a psychology test that I did in 2002. Those who went to school with me at Wardle High in Rochdale may remember the English lessons with the fabulous Miss Chance. Don’t you guys miss Mr. Burns as well? Those were fun times.
I found this sheet of paper earlier while browsing through and re-reading my dreamy yearnings for an unforgettable first love encounter. I wrote over thousand hand-written pages from 1994-2002 – why can’t I be like that now?
While reconnecting with my former self, I remember how I had felt back then; the associated risk of losing my mental balance. Now all that is emerging to the surface again, smiling. I remember how that identity crisis had led me to immerse in writing intensively like there was nothing else that a child could do. My feelings haven’t changed – there still is nothing else.
The psychology test is the last piece of evidence that I have which reflects a trace of innocence or purity, whatever you call it nowadays. Show me something from today that isn’t tainted and I will let the truth go.

Do the test, too, if you like.
The symbolic meanings are at the bottom.

1) Imagine you’re standing on a path. Visualise it as good as possible.
The path is narrow and looks endless

2) Visualise the trees.
The trees are all grey, covered in fog.

3) You suddenly see a bear after entering the woods. What do you do?
It’s a brown bear. He’s looking deeply into my eyes and then it minds its own business.

4) You see a house. Describe the outside appearance of the house.
It’s made of wood; it’s old and looks vacant on the outside.

5) You go inside and enter a room, describe it.
There’s an unmade bed, a desk with sheets of paper, biros, CDs, but no CD player. Windows are broken, you can’t shut them properly.

6) Go to the back of the house. You look out of the window and see water. Describe the water.
It’s a canal with clean water.

7) You step outside. There is a wall on your right. Describe the wall.
It’s a brick wall. Some kind of vehicle has crashed into it before.

8) Climb up the ladder. What is behind the wall?
The path continues.

1) The PATH is your future.
2) The TREES are your friends.
3) The BEAR symbolises the way you deal with problems.
4) The OUTSIDE describes what you are really like.
5) The INSIDE is the image of yourself.
6) The WATER symbolises your sex life.
7) The WALL is death.
8) Beyond the WALL is your life after death.

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