Tell the kid to play

Sometimes the feeling that you can do anything leads you astray and you are aware of it, but the idea of going wrong tastes so sweet on your tongue…  You spread the sweetness on your teeth and you swallow. The result is a tingle in your stomach.  Before you ask yourself where to go from here you do a little tango dance. It feels warm and familiar and yet you condemn it for its inexplicable presence. Lie.

The truth behind this is it’s a lie…the tingle is by no means inexplicable. There is just the ongoing concept of denial and endless string of cognitive dissonance.

But do you resent her? Probably so. You can hate her for it.

She can pinpoint the cause of anything, but there is no reason to talk about it, as it is merely a series of repetition, similar to a soap opera with plenty of reinventions to keep you interested. She filters a lot of things, so often that it loses meaning and new meanings have to be invented. One must not run out of creative motivations – one must not neglect the purpose of his presence, no matter if based on truth or lie. Just do something.

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