And Greenland melted with me

There are plenty of ways to interpret the seeds. You call it hope, devastation, sperm or absolutely nothing. The garden is a nice image of aspiration, but what matters is actually the road. To me anyway. Whatever happens in your life, you’ll always feel like walking it because you are attracted by infinity. It doesn’t matter where you are heading, important is that you never stop. The road, the countless steps – they represent possibilities, however, with more obstacles than you can think of; just like a kid leaving his toys on the floor. And your job will be to pick them all up before you continue the walk. One may spend more time looking at a toy than the other; there is nothing wrong with that, as long as your temperature is not rising. Once it starts to rise, then it will be time to move on before you grow too heavy for the ice.

The road provides you balance and a solid ground. There is no need to watch your feet this time; you are at ease and your eyes are solely fixed on infinity. You stumble upon a plastic elephant or a can of Pepsi, but you don’t care, you just keep on chasing the purpose of your life. I like that. It might the most selfish thing ever, but how often have you warned them about the melting ice and they never listened?

Apathy is wet and cold. Sometimes it’s beneficial if you want to keep certain unwanted sentiments off the table. As long as you know when to come out, it’s all good, because apathy, as a defense mechanism, can be cruel.

You remember Alice in Wonderland when she simply licks the piece of bread in order to recover her main size? Experience has taught her to take control, has led her through a kind of self-discovery that is both adventurous and sexual.

So many puzzles to pick up from the road! So many people to growl and smile at!

Just no time to stop…

…which is ok. You’ve swallowed the garden.

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