On Fate and Coincidence

ate and coincidence – no matter in which you believe, you perceive a particular moment either as a “sign” or merely just an “opportunity”.

And yes, I’ve wasted a lot of time on the “signs” by creating certain expectations and never did it occur to me that by doing so, I would never get what I want. 11 months altogether – just gone. And I’m still here.


Now I’m done waiting.


The connection between fate and coincidence is that things happen.

Accidents happen.

Your belief in fate may be real.

And karma may be a motivation to do good.

But chance is a gift.


Fate, in other words, predestination comes without free will. I never believed in fate, not until I first encountered this unbearable feeling of captivity from within, as if acceptance was essential. And there was nothing I could do about it. So along came uncertainty.


Chance is an opportunity, e.g. you’re at the right place at the right time with the right person. Synchronicity – meaningful coincidence in which ideas are shared.


Well, I hope we’ll never find out if things happen by chance or destiny.

If everything were predestined, I would have done it already.


Sometimes I wonder does the alignment of the planets and stars shape me as a person? How are they intertwined? What effect does their inconsistency have on me? That must be why all of us are different, because nothing is constant.

The worst feeling is when in possession of something precious, in the back of your head you’re plagued by the thought of losing it due to the inconsistency of things. You may call it fear or presentiment.

And you hear Philip K. Dick whisper: <whisper>“Everything in life is just for a while.”

And you’ll never know whether it was for real.


Donnie Darko found the black hole. If the Tangent universe collapses upon itself it will form a black hole within the primary universe and it could destroy all existence.

I never was much interested in black holes, but more in what the black holes were before. Why she star had to die. I imagine his last fight – the fight of death before explosion and during the supernova it outshines the entire galaxy.

In the end there are only fields of rainbow colors and bubbles of gas and these gas bubbles will eventually give birth to new stars.

And that’s what I call hope. Unrelated to fate or coincidence – just fact of life.

We have a consciousness – something that will transcend after death if we want to. We can choose from all energies that exist and become one. I saw that in a dream before and I chose to be part of the wind, as I get to travel.


I don’t care what you believe in…be it predestination or the laws of cause and effect.

(I think I’ve saved enough snails on the pathway. I don’t care anymore.)


Fact is we have control over our actions by making decisions every day, motivated by our survival instinct, and the desire to complete our projects.


Things happen because I am doing something for them to happen.

The importance lies in the reliance on my intuitions.


Creativity is a string of lies – necessary lies.

Meaning or reason – they are mine to create, no matter how pointless, or wrong.


The rest is just random.


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