At The Curve’s exit


I hear the rain on my right and I see the sunshine on my left. If you introduce them to each other you will get a sun shower. The sun and the rain will make love. The rain will reflect the sun’s light and produce beautiful colours.

There you go – all we have to do is reflect each other in order to create happiness. I am a bright person, otherwise why would green be my favourite colour? Why would I smile at you? Ok, sometimes I would ask questions like: Why are we never there where the rainbow begins or ends? But other than that, when do I ever give up? I only give up when I think it’s the right thing to do, like stop chasing things that won’t ever chase me back.


Someone just came out of the Curve with wet glasses. It’s not the real thing if you don’t get wet.


So much water.

I’ve been sweating badly recently during sleep. It’s so hot despite the open window. All this heat evacuating.

I dreamt that my fictional father and me played Russian roulette. I don’t know where my courage came from to play along, but I enjoyed it. Fiction brings out the best of emotion.

You have to treat fiction like Asimov’s robots; they are more humane than humans.  Yes, I am kind of juxtaposing reality with fiction/imagination. You can reveal a lot more truth in imagination. The reason why I say that is because what we say and do will be forgotten and the only thing that matters is how life’s encounters have made us feel. I’ve done bad stuff and feel nothing still.

And yet, secrets and lies will be an ongoing thing and not even the rain can wash it away.


More people came out wet, they smell nice.


If you think a feeling is inappropriate you ignore it or hide it for whatever reason: fear, carelessness or lack of comprehension. Un/lucky ones feel nothing, as though descending from a mammal to an arthropod.

I like how you run your finger down my spine, which is the pathway from and to my brain. Run downwards it means you just want sex. Run upwards it means you want to know me.


What goes up must come down.


Cry me a river?



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