Alberta is a good lady

This is day #6, but it feels like I’ve been here a lot longer. I’ve made myself at home quite easily; in fact, the moment I arrived at YYC I knew that it was going to be good. It’s not optimism, I just knew. That’s all. Elderly ladies with cowboy hats warmly welcomed me at the arrivals and the immigration officers were very easygoing and issued me my work permit on the spot with no difficulty. I was surprised how outgoing and relaxed I was when I arrived at the hostel surrounded by strangers from all over the world, gathering in the common room. I even managed to make contacts in the same night, which was good and somewhat brave of me. You know what I’m like and how much effort it usually costs me. At the end of the day I’ve been doing this since I was 18. Not much has changed, so I guess it’s all in my head like always.


My diet and health need some more adjustment. Hair loss has been a great issue since arrival. I’m no longer eating fruits for breakfast and my intake of vegetables is low. They don’t have proper supermarkets like I know, except for corner shops and drug stores that sell packed food and toiletry. You have to imagine an off-license inside Boots. Overall the food is really not affordable in this country and I’m planning to go to British Columbia where everything is going to be even less affordable.

I’ve spent way too much money in less than a week.


I’ve extended my stay in Calgary just to get organized. With the remaining money I have there is not much I can do and by the time my parents have transferred my money it will be Monday.


Last Saturday and Sunday I made quite a few friends with whom I went out at night. I really enjoyed it and the Corona. I’ve tried some other kind of fruity beer of which I don’t remember the name. And it was a good decision to reject the large shot of Tequila.

My friends, you know it was the right decision!

Furthermore, I must say the cocktail bars here are quite generous with regards to shots. But with the lack of sleep recently I’m exposed to confusion and disorganization, which is fucking killing me like OCD. So I’m trying to take control.


On Monday I finally managed to open a bank account, get a Canadian mobile sim card and a security insurance number. Having done all that I’m now unsure of how to proceed, eh. Travelling involves a lot of money and I definitely have not saved enough to get by for too long.


On Tuesday I went to Banff with a great German girl I met at Wicked Hostel. I’ve done my first hike since arrival. Proper hiking shoes would’ve been a lot wiser than trainers I suppose, but hey, I enjoyed it, despite the uncanny silence in the mountains and the sight of the clean aqua-colored water hiding the abyss. The sense of calm really hit me at some point. You remember me describing the feeling of soberness two hours after a joint? That’s exactly it. You perceive a high dose of reality that undermines your confidence and strength. Does this make me a delirious city person? I feel safer in the city despite my way of viewing things as a labyrinth no matter where I am and I ultimately make a plan of how to get to my destination from the maze. I view myself as a lab rat and I do tests with myself. I know, a little spontaneity would do no harm, but I need someone to push me into it. It’s no excuse to say that this is how I grew up. My parents made plans for everything. I was a planned baby. Do you think that was a good plan? Do I have to make good plans myself?!

Anyway. Calgary’s kindness has been great. Maybe I have to do something about that soberness. I like the me from the other day and I’m pretty much convinced it will aid me to my destined place.

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