Chemical, biological, sexual, literary

What if someone has killed the messenger? With all these layers of skin how long will it take to break through? If the glass is half full why is the water still so low? What if Darwin had only done it for fame? Why did your mother not tell you the truth from the beginning? Why did you write your dad an 80-page letter blaming him for who you are? How guilty do you feel when you touch yourself? Will gravity cause everything to come down? Is what you feel merely a transient chemical reaction? Will you ever forget me? How absurd is it to create something that will fall apart one day? Why distract yourself from something that will always be there? Why run away when you’ll always be running in circles? Isn’t Rob Smith the most faithful human being that exists? Would you still lift me up if I was dragging you down? Did Hamlet really just pretend? Now that you’ve given it away do you really think you can have it back? What if the things within arms length are no longer good enough? What if you run out of healthy channels ff releases? Why can’t you just make a simple choice? Does falling in love really correspond with genes? Do we only evolve into a state of disorder when we’re asleep? What if memories could be microfilmed? If I’m the most loyal person in your life then why aren’t you? Promise me I won’t feel a thing when you eat me alive? Did you masturbate during the movie ‘Sliver’? If you let me go will you feel relief or regret? Are you done blaming others, yet? As a post-coital anecdote, don’t you think the foreplay was the most electrifying part? Has time ever healed your wounds? Where are you going? Ever realised that tomorrows and maybes are excuses that could be replaced with a NO? Do you believe there’s something bigger than us? Do you remember one epiphanic moment? Why was Camus in such a hurry? Does rolling a boulder up the hill really give your life a purpose? Will you erase all these questions from my mind?

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