Three Libras

“Difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed and passed over – when I’ve looked right through to see you naked but oblivious – And you don’t see me”

Rest both your feet on your desk. It’s a kind of day you would try to teach yourself how to move each single toe on its own. If you are a former piano player you would’ve practiced that with your fingers. Fingers are much more mobile since you have long phalanges and metacarpals. But toes have a slightly different composition and need more practice if you ever want to use them more. You have to pay attention to them and speak to them like Beatrix did in the movie.

If you ever want to get to know yourself better you need to get to know your toes. Here’s a little story or observation: When totally still I have a massive gap between the big toe and the rest. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about toe readings, but I was told it meant that I was an isolated person – a loner. Unfortunately they didn’t say I was a good actress. I still believe that I can teach myself, though.

However, I pay attention to my toes and notice that the big toe likes to spend time alone, every now and then it works well in conjunction with the ball of my foot and it gives me stability. The second, middle and ring toe, on the other hand, are a trio that like to have fun; often they would stretch upward together and pretend they’re as big as the big toe, but the big toe doesn’t give a fuck. Their little sister, the pinkie toe, lacks confidence and usually keeps to herself whenever her siblings are trying to reach high. Sometimes she looks over to the big toe and wonders why they can’t be close since they’re so similar to each other. At least when the second, middle and ring toe are not moving they would involve their little sister in a cuddle and ask her how she’s doing. She needs that little love, as otherwise she’d feel useless. I don’t use her often, either, unless I’m doing some form of balance exercise. And now a little secret: The second toe has a thing for the big toe and would occasionally put her head on big toe’s shoulder. He doesn’t mind. I still feel like I need to teach each single one how to look after itself. I look after them by massaging them for a better circulation. The big toe likes it when I press just below the ball of my foot. It bends forward as though thanking me. And when pressing into the arch of my foot the other toes take a bow. This is how I make myself feel good. This is how the body shows gratitude.

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