To fuck you up

So full of __ and I don’t even know how I’ve managed to spread myself so thin the last couple of weeks. I’ve still not __, either.
It’s horrible at __ when the employees who get on with each other gather in the common room and leave me alone on __. You sit there and eat __, which are probably not for free, but they neither have price tags nor __. So who the fuck cares?
My hands are constantly building __ when they are __. I have this urge to __, to __ and to __ those who deserve it. My sense for __ has highly evolved. Day by day, I can’t think of anything else. It’s wasting a lot of my __ that I haven’t got much __ left dealing with other things other than __.
I wonder what I have to do so that everyone in this world will be __ with me. And I wonder whether I’m __ yet to move to the next __. I seem to long for it very badly, but I don’t know where to start. I haven’t met __ yet who is ready to pay all his __ to me. I long for a __ that causes this special __, and a protective __. Someone who doesn’t ask __ and is __ right there with me. Someone who does the __ for real. I don’t want __ anymore.
I want to fall __ again, sincerely. But right now, this is not __ for me. There is way too much to be __. I can’t tell whether __ or __ is suitable for me. At least __ is an appropriate way to avoid __; __ contact is at least something as long as you feel wanted for a __ or two. It’s probably best if he doesn’t __ too much to avoid __ at the wrong time. But hey, it’s __ that I’m talking about. They don’t necessarily want __. It doesn’t __ them as much anyway if it doesn’t work out.
I’m running out of __. What would do me good right now is to have __ and __ with someone like __. I wonder what it’d be like to fall asleep in his __. Is he really that __ underneath that __? I guess I will never know.
This is what I call a mini __ that happens every __ at about four or five in the __. I don’t know what I would do without it. That’s the thing about me. I don’t need __ to talk to with my mouth. As long as I have my __ that tell me how I __, I am alright. They probably make me feel __ in a way, but it’s ok; it doesn’t bother me that much. I know that I will __ what I __ later.

Nothing can __ me now.

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