Sweet gore

I ruined my appetite for dessert by watching Cannibal Holocaust. I didn’t throw up, though. I did throw up after twenty minutes of Blair Witch Project years ago. Motion sickness is always such a nuisance! I like the theme song in Cannibal Holocaust – it softens everything a little bit, gives the movie some emotional touch. I’m glad the UK version cut out the animal killing scenes, unsure if I would have watched it otherwise.

After that, I watched Chung-King Express. Wong Kar Wai has a good sense of writing dialogue/monologue; you can learn a hell of a lot from him. You don’t often get genuine emotions from the Chinese because it’s not something they like to show. They are very reserved people.

To Kar Wai, a flooded apartment is a crying apartment, and it takes a lot of work to clean up that mess, whereas when a person cries, you only hand them a tissue. Isn’t that brilliant? We’re not that sad, after all. The movie made me want to eat a bowl of strawberries. And I did. There is still strawberry juice on my desk and underneath my fingernails. I haven’t made up my mind yet about whether or not it looks barbaric.

Check my new lipstick. Mixed emotions. Sweet and bad memories.


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