The anatomy of love

So that was my first night at the new place and like last year I had a little ladybird invasion in my room. They are all funny and dazed, slowly dying on the ceiling and underneath my bed.

It’s the first time that I feel alone – in a negative sense. Ever since I put my novel aside for no particular reason (apart from waiting for the final comments), I’ve been occupying myself with friends and workmates; I have no idea how I have managed to last that long. Both cheeks are still sore from heavy lifting. Socialising requires a lot of energy only to pretend that you can connect well.

So in the last few days, I’ve been moving, shopping and arranging my room. The mattress is bliss and so is the new duvet cover. I admit that double beds make you lonely, I’m not even that type of person who encounters that sort of feeling, ever. That’s because usually, I’m always writing, which means, I am never alone. But having abandoned writing for over a week, I feel like I’ve been wasting time.
Sorry for criticising you for not being able to cope with loneliness. I didn’t know you were emptier than I am, that you have no creativity to create an alternate world to live in. However, I still envy you, because you can cope in the world with people that I hate for a longer period of time. You’ll make it a lot further than I will.
Other people play music or read books to reflect their souls, which is fine, but I want to create reflection by myself rather than having someone to do the job for me. Listening to Nine Inch Nails, for instance, makes me wonder why I can’t create music like that. Do you know what I mean?
I do understand why you feel alone, but in order to prevent this, you mustn’t abandon your creativity. Utilise it to the max or up to the point where you believe you no longer need people around you. It’s not always a bad thing.

Very often one of your friends might ask you: “Are you capable of killing someone?”
And because in my dreams, I am, I say yes, depends on how much I am driven by hate. There are times where I abandon my conscience. Some people aren’t good with reason, but they have reasons for acting this way – anger and indifference. Again, I envy those who are free of these negative sentiments and are ruled by reason. I also hate them for trying to teach me by seeking to talk. If I had wanted to talk, I would’ve continued visiting my psychiatrist who was convinced that the way I am leads back to being born with an Asian mentality which will be part of me forever.
How ridiculous it sounded when he first said that, I’d spent years thinking about it. Despite being more westernised than most people and showing indifference to my ethnic origin, I did see a mistake there. A lot of resentments and disillusion play a role in this matter, but I don’t feel old enough yet to tackle this issue. I haven’t even mapped out my memoirs, yet. Do you see how busy I am?
On the outside, they say I have a beauty that attracts; attracting who and what? Freaky losers it seems. And winners that are on the other side of the globe.

I’m still paranoid about my landlord’s intentions. I hope the tenant-landlord-relationship will remain as discreet as possible, each one minding his and her business. I made a shocking discovery in the bathroom the other day. Inside the shower cubicle are five thick square windows built in underneath each other revealing a blurry view to the corridor. Is this art or full exposure? The previous tenant was a gay theatre guy. I haven’t had a chance of meeting him, although I was supposed to get the other spare keys off him, which never happened – a shame really, as I had some questions. I met the gay couple in the other flat next door and I met a lady in the flat beneath. She said “Another new one!”
I wonder how long each of my landlord’s tenants lasted and how long I will last.

Some women are only looking to get married to kind-hearted men who are unable to stir anything up inside. All they want are security, someone to look after and cook for. And I hate how some men particularly view Asian women this way as if these women were easy to bait into marriage. He might think I am one of those. Another sign of inappropriate approach and I will spread all possible negative energies that I possess.
Unfortunately, I don’t fall in love with people, I never have. I fall in love with ideas. Now I understand why as a kid, I always wanted to become an inventor. It makes perfect sense now.

There are people who are not granted love…they are given one chance, but they let it slip. I’ve let it slip several times because I no longer know how this all functions and on the other hand, are you not supposed to feel a spark?

The novel’s emphasis on the heart is only to depict love differently. It’s not particularly an emotion, is it? My capacity for decay is currently huge, so I need to get back to the novel to minimise the hole as much as possible.
But the thing about shadows…they can expand, shift and swallow.

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