Father Time

If there is one enemy that I have, it’s time–time does what it wants during the absence of your attention. It can be a good thing sometimes, but you open your eyes too often and realise that you have wasted too much of your precious time. Yes, precious. I guess it’s a love and hate thing after all. And yet, my love for Father Time doesn’t grant me the mercy that I was hoping for. He knows no mercy; neither does the tip of his scythe.
Time never stood still, either. It’s all perception, cerebral illusion, not optic, but cerebral. You don’t know how to live with it best, so you decide to ignore it, unaware that the consequences could be fatal.
I wonder how the heart perceives time? I don’t think I understood it the way I was supposed to. I thought it was chemistry – like every reaction has an end. But I’m no longer sure what to make of it.
Like reality, time is always there…to be consumed or ignored. Nothing ever goes away.
Through the numbness, you look at the clock, and it doesn’t seem to matter anymore. When looking at the hourglass, the sand flows from one glass bulb into the other; you get a sense of urgency.
You are more aware of what you’ve got – and that’s time. Learning to live with time.

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