Today’s sky

I read somewhere that grey is the only possible equivalent for indifference. It also removes all feeling and shape. Is there a chance to refer grey to neutrality instead of indifference? I admire black and white thinking in terms of personal principles, attitudes and values, but this kind of thinking has no capacity for compromises. I’m not sure if it’s good or not.

For me, grey offers many more options and hypotheses that bring up different versions of the truth, and that’s everyone’s own version; all you do is agree, disagree or don’t give a shit. That’s the easy part of being agnostic. There is only a list of maybes and don’t-knows.

In which song does it say that gravity always wins? Or let’s say when does one’s mind ever crash? – It’s when your mind has nowhere else to go, and the sense of absurdism has spread in your body like a disease.

So one creates distractions that contribute to something meaningful, but sometimes it’s not enough, even if you smile your way through it. Existentialism in the mind doesn’t always help because you can’t be someone that you’re not. Sartre was wrong to some degree because determinism exists, and there’s not much we can do about who we are, but we can take control of what we present to others. And I’m still learning…

I admire those devoid of these thoughts and can wallow in hedonistic pastimes as if nothing else matters.

I saw many greys today; all my memories are currently drawn with a sharp pencil piercing through a paper.

He taught me to hold the pencil lightly, and I realised how much easier it is; there’s no need to break my hymen a second time.

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