Heart Like A Hole – Publishing process

I self-published my book as an eBook version at the beginning of June using Draft2Digital, which has been a very good and user-friendly platform! I’m very pleased I found them after a long time of research. If you are looking to self-publish your eBook, you should give them a try and check the results for yourself.

After another month of formatting and design editing, I finally published the paperback version of my book using Amazon’s KDP and Ingram Spark. Amazon was very straightforward in terms of uploading your book and cover design. They also offer templates that you can use, or you can use your own front cover, but you can choose the spine and back cover design if you don’t have one. Once you uploaded it you can download a PDF proof as well as order a proof copy before submitting the file. You have to cover the print charges, and they will send you your proof copy within a week. One thing I noticed about Amazon’s print services is that the quality is top, but the actual trim/cut varies. It’s printed in different locations in the States. I’ve had two proof copies printed; the first one was printed in South Carolina and the second one in Kentucky. And although I’m pretty sure that I’d centred the title and name on the page, it seems that the alignment is always different on each print. But I guess that’s just Amazon. I also ordered ten author copies and at least three or four of them were trimmed pretty poorly and that even affected the interior look. So I’d like to apologise in advance if that is the case with your copy. If you’re not happy with it, do let me know.

The other publisher, Ingram Spark, was, by far, the most complicated publishing system I’ve ever used. I’m not a designer but IS needs you to have it all done and ready to go: The interior text as well as the artwork. And the guidelines were so basic you might as well have been a superstar in formatting and InDesign. So I what I did for the artwork was, use my Amazon design, but I had to tweak around a lot to make sure it was 300pi and perfectly sized as per the instructions. I’m almost ashamed to say that it took me a good extra two to three weeks to get it right. My first proof never arrived, either. The second one did, but I wasn’t overly impressed with the quality of the artwork. Despite following their instructions, it was nothing compared to the quality of Amazon, however, the interior print was flawless.

But what can you do… I am just happy that I finally took matters into my own hands and made this dream of mine come true.

Check out the website I made for my book. You will also find links to various online shops for both the eBook and paperback! Feel free to drop me a line!

ISBN (paperback, KDP) 978-0-9959574-0-4

ISBN (paperback) 978-0-9959574-2-8

ISBN (eBook) 978-0-995974-1-1

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