ATS doesn’t care

Imagine you’re so busy job-hunting that you didn’t even notice that four days have passed since Christmas. Four days ago, you found out that the government has discontinued your E.I. without notifying you about it. When you try to call, they hang up on you due to high call volume. You call again later and are told that the wait time is over two hours.


This year is ending with uncertainty at its finest. I’d been busy doing assessments, writing samples and cover letters. If I had made more effort for remote jobs two years ago, I probably would’ve landed one before the pandemic started. Who knew where life was headed, though? All I have is now. What makes me uncomfortable is that I haven’t sent out a resume in two days. I haven’t come across anything interesting or suitable lately. Some employers are vague, but am I in a position to judge? Plus, companies that I am interested in are most likely filtering their 500+ applications through their ATS. It must be hard not to be a little bias when dealing with this high number of applicants.


What can I say—all I want to do is write. My creativity is there, on standby, waiting to be fed. Even though I’m longing to produce some fiction, I can’t just switch my mind to it while thinking about “press releases,” “product launches,” and “email campaigns.” There are so many things I can write about. Earlier this year, I wanted to step into the cannabis business and start an edibles company. But good luck financing $15K for the licences alone. Writing about cannabis (THC and CBD) is fun; it’s a topic that never gets boring despite the process of rehashing. You can’t educate people enough about it. I certainly don’t want to write about cannabis again unless it’s someone’s story, and I can actually feel a heartbeat within the writing.


I long to write so bad—something meaningful. Is there something you need to tell someone, but you can’t express yourself appropriately? I’ll step in your shoes and ghost-write a letter for you. And you tell me how accurate I am. I feel your urge—your pain, even if you’re an Aquarius and don’t tell anyone how you feel.


What’s the most you ever written in a year? Grammarly has checked over 3M words since February 2019, which is a little much. But I’ve learned from it. I’ve become more concise and less wordy. Reading has helped, too, except now, I skip anything that seems overwritten. I don’t know about you, but it’s infuriating. You might want to call it the contemporary attention span. It’s crucial to get to the point right away.


Keywords are often easy to fish out; I just can’t afford a third-party tool that does it better. Organic traffic isn’t always easy unless you have a high-ranking brand name. Not many people know me yet. It takes time.


Unfortunately, an ATS doesn’t care.

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