Casu Marzu

You feel a sudden moment of disgust. I don’t know why. Often you just run your finger across a dusty surface, and you see the answer right there. Little animals whose movements you can’t perceive; animals that feed on our skin scales. One day they will grow and reach the size of mosquitoes or flies. And mosquitoes and flies will be pets that feed on human cadavers and excrement. Mutilated and maggot-eaten remains of birds and rabbits.

Who will be the master? The master of decay?

There’s a human hand – unable to operate the machinery of control from under the ground, for science is no longer progressing; it’s all over the place. So much to our longing for transcendence.

Who cares?

Organs will dry up and eventually become meaningless matter. It’s a question of time, and skin and bones will crumble into dust.

I tell you.

These images appeared in my head, all from looking at a Casu Marzu – cheese that contains larvae of flies. Cheese flies. Bacon flies. Flies that can live in your intestines and make you shit blood.

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