Ashburn, Virginia

It has been a good ten years or more since I thought I had a stalker from Virginia. I knew for a fact that an ex (from almost 20 years ago) was stalking me for a long time, and I had good reasons to believe that. Though based in the UK, I thought he was visiting this private site as well as my professional site using a different IP address. But as years went by, I started to get more paranoid; what if I’m being watched and monitored by Americans that want to do me harm?

Whoever or whatever you are–a stalker, bot, or scammer–make yourself known to me. Step into the light, and let’s have this over with. Tell me more about being one of the main data centers in the world.


PS: Thank you for being a loyal reader and visitor all these years.

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  1. FYI, I’ve never used a different IP if I visited your site, so its not me. Also never stalked you, just lived in London at the same time as you. I was on completley the oposite side of London in Richmond/Kingston, living my own life. The day you scurried past me in Lewisham I was visiting a friend and that was his GF who was walking me to the tube, pure coincidence.
    Yes, I ocasionally visit this site to see how you’re doing. Not often as I’ve only just seen this.
    I’m not trying to get in contact with you, never gonna happen, so don’t freak out. You’ll be happy to know that I am paying for being a shitty person to you and everyone, cause I know you believe in Karma.
    Anyway, hope you sort yourself out, you deserve to be happy, bye.

  2. sorry, just to add…. you talk shit about me on here, just defending myself. yeh its been 15 years since you got rid of me. maybe you should have got with that guy at the festival. and how can i go ‘fucking young girls’ when i didnt speak german.
    yes im now alone and i admit i deserve that. i have a shitty job but it pays £34k. I have my own house unfortunetly back in littleborough. im far away living my own shitty life. you sound like youre trying to self destruct, i hope you dont cause i want you to be happy.
    again, dont freak out, last message, bye.

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