Brain fog and soul fog

For a moment, I thought I may need an ADHD assessment, which is bullshit. I suppose I was trying to look for something new to explore, except that self-diagnosis isn’t a medical diagnosis. However, you still know yourself the best and want to do something about the negativity holding you back. And taking that first step is the hardest part of the entire process. After so many years of drifting away mentally, I realised that anxiety and stress don’t just give you dermatitis, psoriasis, or kidney inflammation, but they monopolize your brain functions. You suddenly find it hard to register what people say to you, and you become forgetful and distracted by negative thoughts. When your attention span is impaired, it’s difficult to focus on the things you love, especially if you are surrounded by certain background noises you can’t handle. And the only time you actually make an effort to focus on important things is when you’re being paid to work.

The problem is that afterward, you’re so burned out that you can’t do what would otherwise make you feel good because there are chores, and it’s getting dark out, and you’re tired.

Remember when you used to be pissed off about a friend who would take too long to reply to you or doesn’t reply at all, although it just takes seconds to answer a text message? I get it, it makes you feel like you are not a priority. But I’m asking you to show some understanding. That friend may be going through stuff and does not want to get a good friend involved in their shit. So what if they only reply to family members or whoever may be better at handling…their shit? They don’t want you to see them as some kind of a toxic friend.

Your friend may feel guilty for not replying and, at the same time, anxious that you may ask too many questions or make judgments based on insufficient information.

Anxiety and stress put a dent in your cognitive functions. You can try to manage it with meditation (which will work for some) or have it professionally/medically treated, but only you should know what is best for you. But you have to do it without lying to yourself.

Brain fogs not only stop you from processing useful information, but they are also soul fogs that make you feel like you’re not really there. Are you scared of future brain damage caused by anxiety? Then protecting your soul should be of priority.

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