Did you know that without healthy gutters to redirect stormwater away from your property, you could risk a series of problems like a basement flood, roof and foundation damage, and water damage in your house siding? I write about these things regularly, so I suppose I know what I’m talking about, except that it’s easier to use these “conditions” as metaphors for life.

Currently, the idea of setting goals is tiring, but everyone wants to move forward and achieve something. I just wonder how you would do it when you have responsibilities that need you. And they feel like children that are highly dependent on you. Though there is a small moment of joy, I’m falling apart because I’m tired, ultra-stressed, and know no appropriate way out that is not painful. You may grow wiser as time goes on, but you won’t get any of that lost time back. So even when you know what’s best to do, you just don’t do it out of fear.

That clogged gutter section collapsed and pulled away from the fascia board because the landlady never bothered sending an efficient technician to clean and inspect the whole system in years. When I notified her about the damage, she merely someone to put a couple of screws back in. The section is still clogged and leaking, forming a giant icicle in the bush.

Do you, at your age, still know people that have time for themselves? Or are they all busy with spouses and kids? I wonder if you feel disgusted or envious when you’re with them. Perhaps a bit of both but primarily just one sentiment. Life shouldn’t be about “finding time” for solitary pastimes. It should be within arm’s reach whenever you need it. The worst that can happen to you is allowing a flood of stress to consume you and cause damage to your psyche and physical health. There needs to be something to redirect that stress, so you have room to breathe, so you don’t burn out and break. Though the occasional one- to three-hour me-time on a Saturday is all you get. Yeah, solitary pastimes have to be carefully planned in advance.

It’s not my house; therefore, I couldn’t care less. But the technical problems of this house, like inadequate insulation and air leakage, contribute to high utility bills that are eating me alive. Its defectiveness is making me pay more–winter after winter. The rotting fascia boards keep me up at night, and not knowing how things look upstairs in the attic. Amateurs have been taking care of this house.

Are you sick of people talking about how things would get better, how they would put their shoulder to the wheel to support you, but it turned out to be empty talk? While you have hopes up, a few years pass and all you see is little action with no results. But children do that to manipulate you. They want you to stay; they claim you, so you won’t ever leave. For years, you were the selfish person, or so you thought. It took a while to grow a new pair of eyes and realise that you are the most giving person that anyone has ever known. But they call you selfish to make you feel shit and guilty, so they get their way with you. I knew I should have studied psychology instead.

As an important and integral part of your gutters, your downspout pipes and their extension elbows are designed to effectively direct the many gallons of stormwater away from your foundation.

Your body and psyche have many protective features like instincts or good cells to keep you sane and healthy, but they require regular upkeep, and it’s your job to fix the problems if there are any, and that includes making better decisions. But who on earth hasn’t acted impulsively when they should have been careful? Still, taking risks comes with thought, planning, and conditions. And all that must be carefully communicated to anyone involved.

During gutter repair, you want certified pros. Anyone can lift up a piece of structure and nail it to something, but everything has to be done right; it just doesn’t come cheap. Or without effort.

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