McCandless (Supertramp)

 You find thousands of empty caves

With enough room for all your ways

Guided by the love for Pasternak and Tolstoy

You changed from college to old boy


The road covered with determined footsteps

The world formed upon your own concept

The awareness of a society’s failed ID

Your choice to be footloose and fancy-free


Your family can’t stop but wonder

Your absence made their heart grow fonder

And your sister’s tears of understanding

Keep you safe in the wild, undemanding


With merely one regret of the very few

The moose was more than you could chew

The hunter’s notes on a lonely day

The only living companion is your prey


A lonesome predator with no pack or herd

Human happiness only exists when shared

Forgiveness through years of solitude

One last breath from the northern latitude

P-chan (c) 2017


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