A female bumblebee

The bumblebee flew into our room. I was the only one there. Bumblebees are adventurous and nosey, especially females. It flew into my toiletry bag to inspect my make-up. I had to lure her back out. She probably thought that I was rude. She was huge with a hue of orange but still striped black and yellow, not as red-tailed. She might have even been the queen looking to kill another queen so she could build her nest. Luckily I didn’t have to wave her towards the window. She showed herself out.

However, a few minutes later, she returned to find that I had zipped my toiletry bag shut. By then, I had already closed the window halfway, so she struggled to find her way out and repeatedly flew against the window until she retreated to the floor.

Fat bitch.

Too dazed to fly. Too lazy to move her big arse.

Bumblebees are social insects, and yet, this one seemed to like the indoors. She appeared to be exhausted with her tail trembling. Or perhaps she was scared.

In the end, I couldn’t help but think of a friend that I buried on the beach years ago. He crawled and crawled until his last breath. But this big female bumblebee wasn’t like my friend. She wasn’t a fighter and gave up right in front of my eyes.

I trapped her in a plastic mug and threw her out.

She hasn’t come back again.

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