Have heart

Faster than a heart could ever beat
I saw you crossing over the street
Finding it hard to hold back the tears
Well too scared of my own fears

Realising that time has chased you up
And you have nothing to refill your empty cup
Thoughts and pains all over the place
Nothing but black stains running down your face

Life’s more than a direction that you choose
The biggest game that you can ever lose
Trying to retract the lies and cheats
And beg for forgiveness from the hand that feeds

Cover ups and well made disguises
Not minding the arranged compromises
Wrong prices made for sympathy
Have led you towards agonizing apathy

Luck is not what you can count on anymore
Only hard work is what you are living for
Your heart will carry on beating for sure
There really is nothing just as pure.

P-chan (c) (2009)

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