Let go of the knife

Even when saying that I’ll only sleep a maximum of seven hours, I know it won’t work, not when you have a terrible headache triggered by fake smiles, simulated enthusiasm and Heaney’s Finders Keepers. Old lame poetry before bedtime is worse than a children’s lullaby.

I slept well for eleven hours last night, except that I had nightmares. I can’t remember how it started, but according to the Inception movie – no one knows. I only remember being in some Chinese Street Market with my cousin and my aunt. I got excited when seeing Jacky Chan working in a soup shop. I said to my cousin that I had to get a picture with him! She started scowling.

“I feel something bad coming upon us if we approach him.”
“Bullshit,” I said.

The moment I approached Jacky, armed men with knives, swords and other sharp weapons began to circle us. We ran before they surrounded us completely, but my cousin had disappeared. My aunt and I reached an empty park, knowing we weren’t safe. A man jumped out of the bushes and stabbed her. I think I had forced my eyes open several times, but every time I fell back asleep, I was right there again. There lay my aunt, and I began running for my life.

I saw a white building that looked like a hospital. As soon as I entered, I was wearing a white patient’s gown with a knife in my hand. Doctors and nurses were staring at me with dread, gesturing for me to let go of the knife.

Liev Schreiber appeared, looking like he was my psychiatrist.

“What are you doing?” he said.

I was scared, grabbed the nearest patient and held the knife to their throat. I cut him slightly, and I think I would have actually killed him if it hadn’t been someone jumping me from behind.

In fact, it was a love story, but I don’t remember the details of that.


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