How Ketchup saves the day

I’m eating a plate full of chips, pie and broccoli with so much ketchup on top of it all.

When placing a piece of ketchup-covered broccoli in my mouth, I imagine a dead caterpillar–overcooked, tasting soft. Then I have a chip that resembles a dehydrated insect. Oh, it’s crunchy ends and another hollow leftover cocoon.


Ketchup makes it all bearable.

I cut the pie open, and a great number of lifeless maggots gush out–covered in white mould or spores. Intermingling with the ketchup. I squeeze more ketchup on top–can’t stop pressing that fucking tube for more goodness.

Ketchup covers everything.

Ketchup covers everything up.

It’s time to take a mouthful.

And another.

And another.

There’s blood running down the side of my mouth.

I must’ve bitten my lip.


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