Speech marks

How defamiliarised do you feel when you stare at something for too long, not realising that you got carried away?

The person next to you says, “You were miles away.”

Erase all memories and struggle with the remaining feelings that you can’ comprehend? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a shit film in that sense. Nothing will ever go away unless you embrace it entirely and say

“Everything will be ok.”

When you need transparency of the mind, you write down words that chronicle your situation, and if you are clever, there will be one sentence that reads,

“Truth be told, I’m lying.”

Sometimes you go through different stages of perception, but the key sentiment is at the end of the queue. What you should’ve felt first had been a victim of suppression, but you don’t know it until Kelly Jones sings,

“It means nothing.”

My curiosity always surpasses my fears, which is good because I’m one step ahead of the next big thing I have in mind. There is so much to do, so much to achieve, and I say

“I don’t want to lose the time to come.”

When I see the beauty in what you find ugly, I get the urge to clean your eyes and make you see things my way, but I won’t as you will make it lose meaning. So I will only tell you,

“This is how I view things.”

“It’s not meant to be understood.”

“Just meant to be questioned.”

“It’s not about answers.”

“But possibilities.”

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