Lunch break at Barbican

Distractions are always good to a certain extent, especially if they are obligations that will push you towards your desired accomplishments.

Despite the long path yet to walk and explore, you can’t help but feel excited and overly curious.

I don’t like speculations, and I don’t want to have any expectations about what is ahead of me.

Change is all.

And the need to break out is also notably crucial. The soul is the receiver of pressure, which provokes your body to the degree that I find deadly (stress). As a result, the only response to this pressure is anger and madness.

It can be useful on the creative front if I only filter these unpleasant emotions, but this summer, I failed miserably because I cared too much. That was not what I had planned.

However, my soul only just reminded me of what I need.

The madness needs expansion because I don’t want anything to be boring.

At least now, I am more aware of what’s important and what’s merely seasonal. There will always be moments in which you wish the transitory would never end. If only these moments weren’t so fragile. You care about everything fragile, and that’s the error.

I can’t look away.

Please don’t make me feel guilty.

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