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I think I said the following:

I can’t believe I’m back in my favourite British city of all time. The first and last time was exactly 10 years ago, November 2002. I remember it being a lot colder than this. Or maybe I’m just lucky, but my freckles didn’t expect so much sunshine.

So yeah, another hotel bathroom diary-like last time, except I’m eating chips in here. I know I’m disgusting.

I have done the following things since my arrival:

A lot of walking.

It might sound boring to you, but initially, I really came to write and see what is left of autumn in this magical city. I ended up writing and watching 50s movies and following up on the elections. I’ve been extremely tired, but I can’t afford to be tired.

Well, I did go out, I went to the castle and spent a lot of time in the garden, the cemetery and the church. I love the Botanic Garden and St Giles church as long as there is no one preaching.

Princes Street is no longer the same; it has become very modernised, but not modernised enough, cos I couldn’t find the Apple store.

Tomorrow I’m gonna climb the Scott Monument. I will take a picture from the top and compare it to the picture that I took ten years ago.

So far, the best visit was Portobello beach; calming and beautiful. It was also the only place where people talked to me. An old man asked me if I liked seashells. Then I got chatted up by two men…with Down syndrome. I felt flattered, but I didn’t feel like playing with their dog.

At the end of the day, I was observing two seagulls from my hotel room; they were watching the sunset. The most beautiful about Edinburgh at night is the way the city lights flicker, it’s as if your vision has become blurry. And then you know it’s time for bed.

It’s definitely time for bed.

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