Three short trips

I’ve decided to make at least three short trips this year before going on my long, long journey, which is still in process.

It’s a little demoralising for me at the moment, waiting. You feel a lack of control when specific plans are not ready for implementation due to the future not looking transparent enough. And for a long time, you feel numb and cold, except in your overly calorific dreams where you sweat like a pig.

That was me in 2012, still dumping the left-overs from the previous year.

Beneath the many layers of self-deceit, I have found something that’s mine. Until now, I’ve lacked the strength to show it sometimes. The truth is that everything you do is relevant because there is a reason for it. But do you trust that the reason is for the better, particularly about incidents that aren’t in your control because people call it fate?

Piss off.

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