The man at sea

How ironic that I want time to go fast, but I can’t keep up with it once it does. Every moment passes me by like a blink of an eye, and I’ve only just let the taste dissolve on my tongue, and I’m already moving on to the next thing. It’s going a bit too fast; I’m sorry, I don’t know how to have conversations anymore. I can’t handle flirts or spontaneous new projects.

It wasn’t like that when I was an undergraduate. However, school was dreadful, and attending one lesson after the other had felt like a decade. I think it’s gravity. Gravity drags me down. It pulls all of us down.

Scientists say that time goes faster on higher altitudes. For instance, when I’m on top of a mountain, I will experience time dilation, or maybe it’s merely a perceptive aspect. However, I believe that if the man at sea and the girl in the mountain spot each other, they will fall in love because they’re not at the same length. But they will never have each other – the way it should be.

I am determined to climb up a mountain in the next year and maybe find a black hole that will eat me. Or perhaps find a tunnel leading me to space where everything is light, and I’ll freeze and shatter into small pieces, which will reach Saturn and cause a hurricane at its north pole.

I’m done with the mass of earth slowing me down. I’m wasting time, so in a way, I’d rather time went fast. Then, I’d be forced to make the most of it. I shall buy an atomic clock, get on a jumbo jet and fly 30,000 feet high. That way, I’ll leave you behind on the ground.

If I think about it, my head will probably age quicker than my feet.

I haven’t felt that fucked up in a while. Anyway, don’t you like the idea of it?

Who knows. Maybe one day, she will climb back down. To explore.

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