Er nennt die Pflanze P-chan

My body’s currently unstable; my entire left side seems to be struggling since I stretched a ligament in my left wrist. But this injury is nothing compared to what others have. I can’t afford a physio, that’s for sure. I’ve used up all my insurance after merely two visits.

I’m already irritated when told to rest for at least two weeks. What am I supposed to do? Focus on my novel, I guess. Approach more presses, send out more emails. I can’t afford to stop or give up. Sometimes I forget I’m an existential absurdist, dreaming of a perfect date with Camus in heaven (or wherever he is).

Too much dilemma going on right now — trying to solve them all — one by one. But I’ll need the left side of my body to function so I can do my push-ups and planks – the only way to release work stress.

Bookwork needs to move forward, so I can tell my family good things I’m going to do for them in the future.

My guru is standing by me. He’s the only Cancerian that I know who is honest to himself and doesn’t take shit from anyone. I sometimes wonder how often he’s fallen on his face to become who he is.

It will be a productive day.

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