We draw each other into our orbits

Mercury is in retrograde again. I believe it’s a good time not to worry about anything and just let the stars mess with our heads and do fun things, good things and even bad things.

Suppose there is one thing one shouldn’t be doing during this period. It’s making big decisions or communicate incomprehensible things because not one single person will understand you. You will most likely be collecting the shreds of the biggest ideas of your life, feeling miserable. Perhaps it’s the best time to reflect, research, make notes and think ahead, but not execute anything yet. It’s all about preparation and timing.

With the number of solar flare eruptions, I’m not surprised why we’re all currently in such a messed-up state of mind. In the old days, we seem to have had way more stability and order because we didn’t have many options. Unlike now, we’re crushed with all the possible choices that we have, decisions that we can and cannot make. It’s a deadly paralysis of the mind. We also get bored more easily; our attention span is becoming more goldfish-like. Moreover, capitalism makes us forget our own personal values; it feels like everything that gives us comfort needs to be purchased.

I like to use the term ‘art’ as something that combines creative elements such as art itself, literature, photography, poetry, music, etc. Being human is to express oneself and hoping that someone out there understands how you feel. But he or she most likely does not, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. We all perceive things differently. None of our experiences are ever the same or comparable. And yet, we inspire each other through words and actions, but we perceive an idea differently.

I’m at a point in life where taking action has become crucial. I no longer want to wait for anything. I no longer want to shelve my dreams and wait for something to happen. As an absurdist, it is deadly to stagnate because the meaninglessness of life will always catch up and say, “What’s the point of it all?” And you feel like you haven’t been making anything up lately. It’s not always easy to keep rebelling against absurdity.

In the end, you’re still creating meaning to keep yourself going. Hope is the only thing that will always die last, no matter how corny it sounds. I believe in the stars, as they reflect a hazy outline of who we really are. If the moon already influences humans and earth, what do you think all of the other neighbouring planets do?

We are all following an orbit. It’s still going, and that’s why we are still going. We draw each other into our orbits; it’s how we meet, it’s how we fall in and out of love, it’s how we make meaning – it’s how we live.

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