The present versus memory

It’s no good hinging on memories. Sure it’s the only thing you ever knew.

Have you noticed that the only time you ever think of the past is when you’re unhappy? Why are you unhappy? Everyone learns (eventually) that the present counts the most. Whatever went wrong in the past is done with; there is no going back and changing things. You let an opportunity slip without pursuing it – this is it. You look through the corner window and see something that you could’ve influenced, so what? Is it really worth it in the long run? You shape your destiny because the choice is yours, but making the right choice is the trick.

The outside is never what it seems. It’s simply easier for most people to believe what they see, and it’s probably not what you see.

What do you see?

Everyone’s perception is so different. You love sunshine, and so do they, but they don’t love it the same way as you. Even though people don’t change, you may see a new light in them one day, and they will see a new one in you. Your sense of reality will always be opposed to something that’s not yours. The more you’re aware of it, the lonelier you will feel. So don’t think about it. You will encounter many people who are too scared to share their souls – they blow cigarette smoke into a bubble and do not talk about it. They’ll either open up, or they won’t. Please don’t waste your time trying to crack their shells. It’s their game, after all.

Remember when she said that our heart dies when we grow older? This is the soul flight of adolescence and adulthood. We learn and learn, and we wear out. But that’s the whole point.

Time heals all wounds, but life comes with extra layers of complications, so what do you do?

Do you keep learning your lessons as you go, or do you go to sleep?

Time and memory don’t mix well – it’s almost like a state of paralysis with no capacity for action.

Don’t go there.

Don’t tie yourself in knots.

Just leave behind some footprints, and maybe someone will follow.

There will eventually be an exit.

Keep taking action; keep your feet on the ground because memories don’t have feet, and therefore, you can’t rely on them.

Walk some more, take the long way to cross the street if you must.

Drive for longer.

Have a strong perception of your surroundings; see through your own eyes and then through theirs, if they let you.

The present will give you all the opportunities that you need.

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