To do List

(For the rest of 2017 and all of 2018)

  • Urgently think of a new title for my book. I used to be good at titling stories; why not now?!
  • Once the book cover is sorted out, chase the press and publish that goddamn thing before the end of this year.
  • Buy Glühwein ingredients
  • Make sure all major projects and decisions are done and made before Mercury Retrograde begins on December 3.
  • Call mum more often.
  • Catch up on solitary pastimes (i.e., READ more GOOD fiction).
  • Read more at open-mic nights.
  • Incorporate at least twenty-minute mediation every day.
  • Write an article or essay and add it to my writing portfolio (suggestions on the theme are welcome!).
  • Keep up with my fitness goals to become leaner and stronger.
  • Save money for driving lessons, become a member of Car2Go.
  • Camp with friends, hike with friends, dance with friends, have more fun with friends.
  • Climb more in the Spring and Summer.
  • Job applications and find me a remote job.
  • Feel less guilty about anything.
  • Spend more time with family and support them whenever possible.
  • Visit a place that has a pure Autumn season.
  • Re-visit Alaska or go further north in Canada to see the northern lights in the middle of Winter.
  • Just save money.
  • Set up Bitcoin.
  • Make macadamia (non-dairy) cheesecake like the one Nicole made.
  • Learn how to sit down and do nothing for at least five minutes.
  • Learn how to be more direct with people.
  • Start a new project so I don’t run out of meaning to make.
  • Have a plan to buy my own apartment.
  • Visit California.
  • See Nine Inch Nails more.
  • Maintain the life of a plant or plant one myself (i.e., grow my own basil).
  • Be a better friend to people.
  • Not make a list like this anymore.

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