When retrograde influences our decisions

When you say, “It’s happening,” it means a lot of things–exciting things! It usually starts with a decision and then execution. Make sure to do all that before retrograde next week.

Of course, making decisions isn’t easy if too many things are involved, such as financial or occupational sacrifices, etc. But by all means, you need to stop doing what makes you unhappy! Sure, things get more difficult as you grow older. You cling to fears. Making decisions was easier when you were in your early twenties, when you had the whole future ahead of you, such as another university degree.

For me, it was always ‘studies over work.’ Stepping into a professional job market was one of my biggest fears. I almost had permanent rosacea from the stress and fear that it’d brought along. However, I would say I’m still very determined about my decisions. It’s more about timing these days.

Just remember to take action when something doesn’t feel right.

So I decided to leave Calgary, and that’s what we’re going to do. The one way to make it official is to quit my job(!). There are two decisions in one here: Quit the job and move away.

Calgary has been a good home for me in the last few years, and I thought that it was the place to settle, but if you’re in a place where too much has happened, and you’ve not been happy for the last while, I’ll know it’s time to move on.

It also took me a long time to decide when to publish my book, but it was partly my fault for not giving people involved a deadline since I’m the only one who really prioritizes it. I obviously feel bad taking people’s time. I always have, especially if they don’t ask for anything in return. The book is still in progress, though, and I won’t have much time to promote or market it here in town. I don’t want to worry about it too much.

True, I have spent over ten years on it. I wouldn’t say I’m a perfectionist; it’s not that I’ve spent this huge amount of time obsessing over it. If anything, it has been more of a learning process and overcoming my fear of getting it out there.

There was fear of sharing it with people, but the feedback for redrafting purposes was essential. Generally, being criticized and judged is scary, but if you see what kind of garbage is out there, you gain a little confidence. It’s not usually the story that makes your book good. What matters is how the story is being told. Secondly, it’s how you market it. Think I missed something out? I did not.

Well, unless you already have a big name, then nothing else matters.

I believe it’s all in the stars anyway. Some people were born at the right time in the right place. Talents are naturally born lucky. The others were probably born under Saturn’s influence, and Saturn is all about working hard and practicing whatever you want to master. The biggest lesson here is patience. Patience wouldn’t be a problem if we were all monks and nuns. I don’t think my parents knew about retrogrades when they planned my birth.

Prince’s “When Doves Cry” was number one on the charts when I was born. I never liked it at first. I was never a Prince fan. Then I paid more attention to the lyrics, and now I love it. I view it as a ‘Welcome to the World’-song. It tells me that nothing is perfect, but we will always aim for perfection. And, naturally, every human being wants to be fulfilled and loved. The way you were raised plays a huge role in who you are, too. And no one can change who you become unless you decide so.

I’m a big-time routine person in the city with a 9-5 job that doesn’t challenge my personal skills. And all I do is follow a gym schedule that helps me de-stress and stay energized, while what I want is to spend more time reading and writing and not have a corporate work schedule. I can only try and make that happen. And it’s happening!

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