Heart Like A Hole – Coming soon

It’s coming. I’ve been talking about this for years to a point where people began to roll their eyes. But it’s for real this time!

This novel emerged from a short story that I wrote in 2006: An American female doctor ponders about breaking her patient’s nose just to add some colour to his face. That got me my first A ever. I cried. My tutor found it extremely funny and told me it was worth developing — so I ventured into that journey. Now the short story has found its place in chapter ten in this book.

Please check out the blurb below and let me know what you think!

I can’t wait to finally share it with you all. I hope you will enjoy it. Stay tuned for the book launch!

>>Ellen Parker is a junior heart surgeon living in New York. The city is her hideout, the hospital is her life, and her patients her unwitting guinea pigs. While Ellen hungers to discover the human body’s intimate secrets, both on the operating table and in her sexual odyssey, her knowledge of herself and her own desires remains just out of reach. As the novel explores those secrets in ever more nightmarish ways, it becomes clear that the tension between Ellen’s demanding career and disturbing sex life cannot be maintained, with the two worlds destructively colliding. Will Ellen’s desire for control—both over her career and her difficult past—also be her undoing?<<


Blurb by Elizabeth Wells, (c) 2018

Cover design by Egemen (c) 2018

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