The blame game goes on. In the media and in politics, they don’t call it racism. In the meantime, a Chinese lady takes a shit on a white family’s property. The appalled mother approaches the Chinese lady, who was probably doing her morning digestion walk, and her bowel movement went too fast. The mother films the incident and makes the stranger on her property pick up her shit. It seems fair, right?

My aunt forwarded me that video, which seemed to have gone viral. She tried to laugh at it, but I’m pretty sure my mother didn’t; it probably just fuelled her anger towards China and its government. That’s the attitude you get from Hong Kong citizens, who grew up under the influence of the British colony. It makes you wonder what would have happened if Great Britain had colonized more Chinese regions? Would it have decreased China’s communistic values? What is Hong Kong now anyway? – A special administrative region of China, a separate country. Both? While the Hong Kong students fight against Mainland China’s regime, everybody else thinks that the Chinese are all the same.

If you want to be politically correct, you obviously don’t link it with racism; it’s the people’s decision whether or not they want to do their racist rants in public. And that’s where the mess begins.

            Culture has kept the world interesting. So has religion. Peace is wishful thinking, and you can achieve it within yourself, but not within a nation.

I remember that one time in Germany, an elderly couple told my parents how quiet and polite the Chinese were. Of course, my mum took it as a huge compliment. This is how she wants people to perceive the Chinese. But China has ruined all that for her.

When she visited my aunt in Vancouver and learned about the housing markets, money laundering, etc., she got angry. For a very long time, Chinese people went unnoticed. You would refer them to cheap takeaways, Chinatown and medicinal hoaxes, which was fine. Triggering global attention, on the other hand, is not ok. People are more likely to point at you in small German towns, like small towns in England. A racist scally once threw a bottle at my head. And people wonder why multicultural big cities attract me. I like going unnoticed. Sorry if you have a problem with that. A big city might be the most dangerous place to be during a pandemic, but it doesn’t change my mind to be in one.    

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