The Ruiner

Lovely moments never last for long, and you know it. Once it’s over, you light a cigarette. At least you know when it’s over. A cigarette prepares you for the worst of the day and another one when you’re through. That’s what life is like at the moment. You go dancing, but it’s not the same anymore. People’s taste in music has changed. They rarely play your favourite songs now. So what’s left? Your room and your computer, so you can do whatever you want and listen to what you want. You don’t sign in to chat with people because you don’t feel like it. Some resent you for doing that. Your mobile’s off, and another one is unplugged. RESENT ME. You need to learn to be strong, tough and stress-resistant. You think it’s a good way to learn and grow by getting yourself into trouble, but in the end, it turns out worse than the trouble itself. At least you’re not the only one who thinks the older you get, the more frightened you become. Then suddenly, you remember having felt this way as a child, and the same kind of fear creeps up again. That’s the moment where you want to shoot yourself in the face.

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