Load it

The snow touched the tip of my nose, and the wind was blowing against my ears. Not very spring-like at all. Tired of seeing traffic lights…if they were only more colourful. Driving includes accelerating, hitting the brakes and re-starting the engine.

There are no significant changes in sight. And the lights should be off when you’re not in the room. Photos were taken years ago. Looking at them brings back memories.

Now the wind has stopped, and you can light a cigarette. It’s the same old taste. It’s time for a new brand. Your confidence is inside a marble, which a kid is about to toss.

Win! But it wasn’t you. Kids are stronger.

Are you tired of playing with money? You only have your dignity left to lose.

I told you so. You and me alone. What should we do, and what should we not. I will be spontaneous – you will be careful. One step can ruin everything. The will is stronger. You know what you do, but I don’t.

The flower has changed its colour.

There’s only one lesson to learn. Seize the day. Enjoy the air you breathe, the food you eat and the hands you hold.

Check your inbox. An ex has searched for you today. Delete and carry on.

Control the voices in your body. Watch where they all come from. Know their motives and intentions, act humanely and identify the voices. Then, listen again.

Turn everything down, sit back, load it, do it. And the voices will go away.

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