Kiss this, says Johnny

Today’s stress level is extremely high.

I don’t need this shit.

I need a mask for the day that turns me into my masked anti-hero–the one who never compromises.

I never take sides, even if you’re a friend. Therefore, I proved myself a bad friend and can’t handle the guilt sometimes.

I’m no sociopath, though. I just can’t keep my mouth shut anymore. People agree and disagree. People sue you.

Not long now. I’ll be gone soon enough. Nothing except for my family will hold me back. No matter how precious they are to me, they don’t know me, which is ok.

Crying angry tears won’t do anything. I wish emotions would flow away like water; instead, they dry on the skin. I’m sick of being, sick of listening.

Keep the door shut. Let no one in.

Smooth-talkers and counsellors. They know shit about you.

Want my body. Want my soul. You ain’t getting any. Kiss this.

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