Elephants on acid

I’m back from the Hurricane Festival, which was probably my last festival.

Apart from the flood and cold temperatures, I’m fed up with noisy drunk arseholes pissing outside tents! ┬áBeing around extreme party animals is a pet-peeve of mine. I get anxious when the alcohol screams through them. It’s sad how they believe they’re funny, spreading good vibes, while in reality, they don’t know how ridiculous they are.

I barely slept in those three days and was close to hallucinating. Being sleep-deprived is like being on drugs but feels funny. I want to see what happens if I don’t sleep for four days.

There was a psycho woman in the late 19th century who tried to keep her puppies awake for almost five days. They died. If she was so keen to find out what would happen, why didn’t she try it herself? Someone in the ’70s managed 266,5 hours without sleep. I think five days without sleep would kill me instantly. I can’t imagine why that person didn’t faint during that experiment. I mean, you can’t force your body to anything. If your body is knackered, it’s knackered. Your body’s last resort would be to make you unconscious, wouldn’t it?

I’m getting more interested in experiments. It’s the idea of seeing how far you can go. I know most of my limits.

I want to read the book “Saturday” by Ian McEwan. If I only could concentrate on reading these days. I can no longer read three books a week–one every two months more like.

I have fallen in love with Saturn. Mainly with what this planet symbolises. It’s the planet of my favourite Greek god Cronos, the father who ate his children, the father-castrator. Yes, Zeus’ dad. Cronos is the God of Harvest that inspired the image of the Grim Reaper. He carries the scythe of death and destruction.

My connection to Saturn? I was born on a Saturday. I never knew that number six had a meaning in my life. 6 and 9 (life path number). The numbers 6 and 9 form the symbol of the astrological Cancer sign.

I think I’m freaking out? I should stop making myself paranoid.

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