Aspartame on my tongue

I think I lack biotin again. I should start eating peanuts, cashews and almonds. Biotin deficiency could be the reason why my skin is so messed up. Eating fruits is not enough; nothing is ever enough. You can’t take care of everything at once.

I’ve never been an attention seeker, and I hate those who are–whether suffering from inferiority complex or not. My body is asking for attention more than ever. I don’t like coke anymore or energy drinks. In fact, I’ve become sensitive to caffeine. Besides, caffeine never energized or stimulated me. It gives me headaches these days. The only caffeine drink I can consume is tea (green, black, etc.) and perhaps dark-roast coffee. (It’s light- and medium-roast that’s high in caffeine?) But from now on, I will skip energy drinks and coke. It’s also the amount of sugar in those drinks that tastes terrible. Weird that my tongue never noticed it in the past. Does your sense of taste change over the years? I hate sweeteners; aspartame is the worst. The unnatural taste lingers on your tongue. Again, I never noticed it in the past. Chewing gum is the same; once I’ve finished this pack, I won’t buy any more. So many people are attracted to flavour enhancers; me too sometimes. Often when I eat out with people, they tend to say, “Why does the food you eat in restaurants taste so much better than at home?” Well, isn’t it obvious? MSG is an example.

A friend of mine has moved to Kiel to study. She doesn’t admit it, but I think she has a tough time adapting to her new life. That’s kind of cute. I think she’s not aware of how lucky she is. People who go through changes confidently have a good mindset. I like them.

I have a little obsession with digital clocks. I can’t help adding those digits together when looking at my alarm clock. It’s freaky. Do you remember my blog from a while ago, where I multiplied all numbers with nine? There is one number I forgot to write down. Now here it is; the other day, I paid attention to three cars that drove past. I added up their license numbers, and all three of them equalled 6. There you have your triple 6. Whether you add those 6’s together or multiply them, they’ll equal 9. Who cares about the devil? I’m talking about the number 9.

You probably think I don’t have a life. And you’re right. At this moment, I don’t.

Listening to my favourite Pulp song, “A little soul.” I never knew why I loved that song, but now I do. It always reminds me how much I don’t want to become a mother.

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