At Greenwich Observatory

I do enjoy sitting naked at my desk while listening to KoRn. Despite my continuous perspiration, trouble breathing and this banging headache, I am surviving this day well.

Having come back from the night sky at the planetarium in Greenwich Observatory, I find it hard to believe that I’m on earth.

It’s still hot and the heat has fucked up my circulation and blurred my thought process. The hot water has washed away the scab, which is good (it stops me from picking), but the heat has penetrated my body like a virus.

I shall keep control and distract myself.

I saw a little bit of Cronos in the night sky, who is still far away.

From October onwards, he shall be closer. I wonder how often he thinks about me, how he likes my art, and how much he will harvest this year.

Until then, I’ll have to teach myself to be alone again.

It’s not the same without him.

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